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SLO_Gen Table made with HI-MACS

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Overview: The SLO_Gen Table is a remarkable piece of innovation in the field of furniture design. The organic design is made using HI-MACS and has become the focal point of Gensler’s Los Angeles office lobby! It was designed using the brief – create a piece that can accommodate standing and sitting space for guests and storage for the firm’s design publications. Solid Surface HI-MACS is the table’s predominant surface material and looks divine with the use of wood. It sports an awesome curvature.

Client: Gensler Los Angeles – Robert Jernigan, Shawn Gehle

Design Team: Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo Department of Architecture, College of Architecture and Environmental Design

Faculty: Jim Doerfler, Mark Cabrinha
Students: Ben Hait-Campbell, Cory Walker, KeganCharles Flanderka

Gensler Los Angeles

Project Advisors: Sabu Song, Shawn Gehle, Richard Hammond, Valentin Lieu

Engineering: Buro Happold

Engineering Team: Garrett Jones, Gary Lau, Greg Otto, LizMahlow

Fabrication: R.D. Wing Co., Inc.
Fabrication Team: Brandon Wing, Dan Foreman, Vath Sida, Wayne Bart

Materials: LG Hausys – HI-MACS® Solid Surfacing

Photo credits: ©Gensler Los Angeles

Desk by Tommaso Guerra

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Overview: When it comes to desks, there’s a fine line between too little and too much. The latest design from Tommasco Guerra is a perfect example of that sweet spot! Simplistic, light, and minimal in form, it’s equally substantial in usable desk top space without an overwhelming footprint. DO WANT!

Designer: Tommaso Guerra

Functional Integrated Desk

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Overview: The Functional Integrated desk is the dream workplace for the product designer. Not just because it looks amazing, but because it takes into account every detailed task an industrial designer may need to perform in their workplace, from sketching to modeling, from prototyping to documenting. The beauty of this workplace truly lies in its holistic approach.

Designer: German Benavides Moran

Shipyard Taiwan

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Overview: This project goes by the title “Shipyard Taiwan.” As you probably have already guessed, it’s a Taiwanese shipyard, one that’s designed, planned, and visualized by Motion Code Blue. Built onto and into an existing u-shaped hall and production building for motor yachts, this project aims to add an office building, green and recreational spaces, and a showroom. And in the vein of near-impossible design requirements the world over, the commissioner asks MCB to give this project “landmark-like characteristics.” It’s sort of like saying “make it godly, please.”

Inside this structure you’ll find VIP-areas, meeting rooms, offices for employees and CEOs, terraces, a yoga room and language course facilities. In the lower levels theres a kitchen area, staff restaurants and a cafeteria. The entrance area connects the showroom with the VIP-areas and office wing, with much fantastically beautiful room for walking around, buying up all kinds of boats.

Multimedia walls accent the intentionally neutral space, highlighting the boats – the heart of the complex. Meant for everything from launch parties to press events to public presentations. The main show area can show a max of three 50 feet yachts at once.

Outdoor areas also show the boats as the whole thing is basically made of windows. Outside there’s space for BBQ, relaxing, or just jamming about, thinking about all the boats you’re gonna buy.

Designer: Motion Code Blue

Optic – Portable Tracing & Light Table

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Overview: Optic is a peripheral addition to any workspace that both novice and seasoned designers in a variety of fields will appreciate. The portable tracing and light table makes sketching and drafting easy by providing a both back and top lighting in one convenient package that can be moved, set up and switched on in seconds. From tattoo artists to animators, creative types will love its small footprint and sensibly simplistic functionality.

Designer: Pranali Pradip Linge