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Audiobendr – Phone Music Amplifier

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Overview: It’s no secret that a little acoustic amplification can go a long way to enhance the bottom speaker on your phone… but few amplifiers do it quite as conveniently as the Audiobendr. Made of stretchy rubber, the design snaps on to your phone in a jiffy to redirect & amplify sound for videos or music. It’s even small enough to use while playing games without it getting in the way of your hands. Waterproof, dirtproof, & scratchproof, you can use & abuse without worry!

Designer: Marc Van Strydonck

Interactive radio controlled by light and touch

Overview: This interactive radio by Daniel Kaufman relies on light and human touch to operate its various functionalities. To raise and lower the volume, the device uses light controlled by an aperture. As for its tuning, the user simply touches or slides a finger anywhere on the mahogany veneer which is embedded with a SoftPot potentiometer. Simple shifts in functionality create new interaction and new appreciation for a classically simple product!

Designer: Daniel Kaufman




Overview: COOCREATER offer a new way for cooking —mixture of the cooking, music creation, and the integration of emotion.

What’s This: Housewives may feel cooking is tedious, but things will be better because COOCREATER offer a new way for cooking —mixture of the cooking, music creation, and the integration of emotion. The sence of taste, feeling, hearing are combined and developed in the cooking process

Users will enjoy in the creating process and cooking process
The music section could be created by scanning food elements and mixed according to the proportion of different kinds of food.
Also the time and temperature of heating on the workbench may influence the final results of remixing.

People could post the pics of dishes and sharing their final work of music with their friends .
Also COOCREATER is suitable for barbeque or picnic.

The Push: Cooking is creating, but we prefer eating in restaurant instead of cooking in home which inconvenient and boring, especially housewives and most of their leisure time will occupied by cooking .Statistic shows the senses of human body are inter-linked . People will inspired for creation and become more enjoyable when the senses are stimulated.
So I m thinking about if there s a cross-border product that people could tell out their feeling and inspired in synesthesia.

Designer: Yu Yi

Wanna know more? Visit :  Electrolux Design Lab (Cooreater)