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Insulin Delivery System

Overview: Devina Kothari’s innovative solution for insulin delivery easily integrates into the user’s lifestyle with fashion-inspired wearable tech they can set and forget! It uses a closed-loop delivery method that detects blood glucose levels before slowly dispersing the appropriate insulin dosage. Not only automated, the process is also made pain-free by use of a micro-needle array where the diameter is smaller than that of a mosquito’s probe!

Additionally, integrated bio-sensors detect any unusual fluctuation in the patient’s glucose levels, pulse rate and other metrics and will automatically notify the appropriate party in the event of an emergency.

Designer: Devina Kothari

Easy Find

Overview: The Easy Find is medical equipment that will work very well in emergency situation like disasters. Typically IV Fluids are transparent and keeping an eye on them is a persistent task. When the ER is flooded with patients, things may get chaotic and thus this reusable glass infusion bottle with a specially designed dropper lights up when the drip-solution runs out. The glow is a clear indication that some action is required.

  • The reusable glass infusion bottle features a specially designed dropper.
  • The dropper is fitted with a dial that can be set to calibrate with the volume of liquid in the bottle.
  • When it runs out, a colored light is triggered.
  • This project is a 2014 Red Dot Award – Design Concept winner.

Designers: Huang Mingguang, Li Fu & Wang HongLi

Pinch – Pain Management System

Overview: Pinch is a wrist-worn remote system for chronic pain management designed to aid patients in keeping track of their pain levels throughout the day. Manual input by the wearer is combined with sleep, heart rate and physical activity data to create a more insightful view of when and where the user experiences the most pain so behavioral changes can be made. Once docked, this information is automatically loaded into an online application where it can be monitored by patients, loved ones and physicians alike.

Designer: Loris Bottello



Overview: What makes your healthy home even healthier is your attitude.

What’s This: Following the current trends, the future technological products take all works from us. It results directly in a dystopia, in which the consumers discharge their duties from an sofa. The intelligent character of the SPIC= lies in the fact that it does not serve the comfort but the conscious lifestyle.
Among the characteristics of the lifestyle, the nourishment has the most important influence on the balance of our body. It uses the well-known, but disregarded fundamental truth that all the health problems of humanity can be cured by some of the Earth’s plants.
The SPIC= is a smart, natural biosphere whose functioning depends on a composting system, therefore the cycle of domestic waste solves the provision of nutrients and the energy supply.

The Push: Spice = Medicine
Make your own biosphere that evolves according to the needs of your organism. Cook and start enjoying life. In a healthiest home, it’s your environment that helps you to get conscious. The SPIC= is a smart plant growth incubator that seizes the opportunities created by Mother Nature, which are the curative effects of the Earth’s herbs.
You provide it with information in everyday use, thus it responds to both known and unknown needs of your body with dozens of recipes.

Designer: Kristóf Koczka

Wanna know more? Visit :  Electrolux Design Lab (SPIC=)

Pure Towel


Overview: Pure Towel is a scanner that applies UV rays and a high speed dryer fan to eliminate bacteria and humidity from a towel after use just by hanging it.

What’s This: Pure Towel features a safe system that only detects fabric to avoid activation by human contact. This gadget is a ring shaped scanner with 360 deg. UV ray and a circular fan that works by hanging the damp towel right after use on the smart hanger that recognizes it measuring matter density and sending an activation signal to the ring, which starts scanning in a vertical motion to cover the entire towel surface completing the cycle in ten seconds. This product has a sum of benefits such as energy saving by eliminating the use of household dryer, and water consumption will decrease by not having to use the washer.

The Push: In the time we are living every second counts and for the person that doesn’t have the time to go through the whole process of cleaning an item that is used daily and has a direct contact with the skin Pure Towel presents a solution for a more practical and hygienic lifestyle. It also has the advantage of being applied in hotels and public places giving the consumer the certainty that they are using a 100% bacteria free towel.

Designer: Leobardo Armenta

Wanna know more? Visit :  Electrolux Design Lab (Pure Towel)