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Mamma – Salt Shaker

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Overview: Most of us are guilty of sprinkling generous amounts of salt over our food, especially when we have intake restrictions. Mamma is a saltshaker with a difference. It has an integrated spoon-like lip with markings that lets you know how much salt you are going to sprinkle on the food. The main aim of this project is to reduce the intake of salt.

Designer: Soohun Jung

Sonic Decanter – Ultrasonic Energy Wine Decanter

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Overview: The Sonic Decanter is unlike any other, using safe but effective ultrasonic energy to make every wine better! The patented ultrasonic technology transforms the molecular and chemical structure of the wine even with the cork in-tact. It generates not just the same effect as a traditional decanter, but even better results by fine-tuning the frequencies to perfectly decant each type of wine whether it be rose or sauvignon blanc. Use the smartphone app to select your preference and let it do all the work!

Designer: Sonic Decanter


Overview: This clever cutlery collection goes to show that flatware doesn’t always have to mirror the same mundane shape. This contemporary interpretation is not only different and just as pleasant to use, its flat, folded profile also makes each piece nestable with the next! Together they create a unique geometric visual that’s sure to be a conversation starter.

Designer: Till Kobes


Overview: Reproduces tastes and smells at sensory level via signal sent from the plate and glass to the microchip head patch, making dieting enjoyable

What’s This: ”SET TO MIMIC”, including a plate, a glass and the microchip head patch, is designed to recreate at sensory level, familiar tastes and smells, thus making healthy eating and drinking more enjoyable. Both plate and glass have matter detector bands, which enable the integrated computer system to recognize the content and display it on the touchscreen. The consumer will place the patch on his head, choose from a list of products the one to mimic, and start eating/drinking whatever he initially put on the plate/in the glass. The microchip receives wireless information from the plate/glass and interact with brain cells to make the brain remember tastes and smells, suggesting that it is eating something else. The body will be fed with healthy foods, but maybe not that tasty and the mind with whatever the consumer wishes, minus the additives and excess sugar. The computer can also save new tastes and smells to mimic, by setting the patch to send information to the plate/glass.

The Push: A busy and chaotic lifestyle can make eatingh healthy and staying in shape almost impossible. ”SET TO MIMIC” is a product that adresses people who can’t keep a diet, overweight people with diabetus or even people who don’t have the time or means to cook an elaborate meal, but still want to enjoy the taste and smell of comforting foods and baverages. By ”fooling” the brain, the consumer will eat healthier, be able to maintain a diet by removing additives, sugar, alcohol and nurish the body right.

Designer: Sorina Răsteanu

Wanna know more? Visit:  Electrolux Design Lab (SET TO MIMIC)