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Joe – White Noise Device

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Overview: This audio device, called Joe, will be your bestie when it comes to your personal office space at work. When surrounding noise pollution is disturbing your flow, Joe produces white noise (a sound composed of all audible frequencies to the human ear) to essentially “cancel-out” cacophony so you can focus. It’s like being in your own imaginary bubble of isolation when you don’t have the option to close the door!

Designers: Schmitt Nicolas & Hélène Casado

Mars Levitation Speaker with Subwoofer

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Overview: Mars is a new home music hub that fuses sci-fi design with precise, thoughtful engineering. The magic behind Mars lies in its revolutionary Graviton-powered levitating speaker/subwoofer system that prevents loss of sound experienced when speakers are placed directly on a plane surface. The unparalleled result is deep, thumping bass with the high fidelity of a bold midrange and crisp, brilliant high frequencies.

Specs: Mars packed with a 1.75 inch full-range speaker and a passive radiator in floating object. CSR AptX . Deep bass. a 4.5-inch subwoofer and 10,000mAH powerbank inside base underneath.

Designer: Crazybaby

Ipno – Sleep Speakers

Overview: Can’t sleep because of all the noise? No prob! Ipno allows you to find sleep even in the most disruptive of environments. This personal-size speaker broadcasts white noise: a sound that includes all frequencies and has hypnotic qualities that allow the brain to disconnect external noise while soothing the heart rate and clearing the mind. Good things when you’re trying to catch ZZZs! Simultaneously, microphones in the back capture surrounding noise which is then transmitted to a Digital Signal Processor to cancel out the external noise.

Designer: Clémence Germain

Rolling Konus

Overview: Rolling Konus is a pioneering chassis for various types of speakers, including woofers, tweeters and more. At the heart of the design is an exhaust nozzle with variable geometry inspired by jet engines. The result is crystal-clear, high-definition sound that users can easily position with just a push!

Designer: Joe Sardo