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Dehumidifying – Air Rod

Overview: The Dehumidifying Air Rod is an innovative hanger rod for your cupboard. It has elements and segments where Dehumidifying, Deodorizing and Air Freshener agents are integrated into the design. The purpose of course is to ensure you have the freshest and cleanest set of clothes in town. Naturally you will look and feel your best!

Designers: Kwang Sik-Kim, Dan Bi-CHoi & Sae Am-Jeong



Overview: The Hexis is a multi-purpose kitchen appliance that serves as a mini-refrigerator and a meal cooker that cooks according to your nutritional needs.

What’s This: The Hexis is a two-in-one kitchen appliance that can store food in tiny hexagonal compartments by compressing the very atoms of the food, making it physically smaller, and at the same, use these “food particles” as ingredients for healthy meals. When storing food, the Hexis analyzes first the nutritional components of the food, and then store them according to what food group they belong to.

Hexis also acts as a nutritional analyzer that can perform an in-depth scan of the user’s body with only a touch of the hand. It can quickly analyze the user’s nutritional needs, and based on acquired data and stored food particles, be able to come up with a list of recommended meals for the user to consume.

As an automatic meal cooker, the user can pick from their personal recommended list of meals the dish they want Hexis to prepare. Factors such as: the age of the user, the time when Hexis was used and certain medical issues can also affect how Hexis would prepare the healthy meals.

The Push: At present time, people are so busy rushing in between schedules that they tend to compromise their health. Often, people have would just opt to buy processed and unhealthy food, to fit into their busy lifestyle.

Having a machine that could address this problem would help people to enjoy a healthy lifestyle without disrupting their busy schedule. Hexis is designed for this sole purpose: to help people achieve optimal health lifestyle without sacrificing much of their precious time.

Designer: Anna Klarissa Abjelina

Wanna know more? Visit :  Electrolux Design Lab (Hexis)



Overview: “Future hunter-gatherer” is a food ingredients collection system which simplifyies complex ingredient sourcing networks using holographic technology

What’s This: The system works using holographic technology which projects an image of marine life into the kitchen which the user catches using a net and drops into a projected container. This symbolic act results in fresh food being ordered from local food markets and delivered to the home. New enjoyment can be found in a clearer understanding of the origin of the things we eat. Purchasing food in this way also gives new emphasis on buying from local farms and markets, assuring that food is fresh. It is a system that promotes healthy lifestyles through entertainment

The Push: “Future hunter-gatherer” is a future food ingredients collection system which aims to simplify complex ingredient sourcing networks. It offers an enjoyable way of bringing people closer to nature and the food they eat. By simulating nature, and specifically use Holographic Laser Projection to restore traditional hunter-gatherer scenarios like hunting and fishing, it brings a new level of engagement which has been lost in modern times. 

Designer: Pan Wang

Wanna know more? Visit :  Electrolux Design Lab (FUTURE HUNTER-GATHERER)



Overview: ENYO is a flexible solution for future food preparation – it enhances the social culinary enjoyment aspect by bringing cooking back to the table.

What’s This: ENYO celebrates the social aspect of cooking and dining by gathering people around the table. The furniture-like aesthetics make it fit into a living or dining room, whereas it consists of a free-standing table plus ceiling element. It supports both a timed self-cooking mode as well as a social cooking situation and features a flexible cooking mat in the center of the table. A projector in the ceiling element projects onto the mat and creates an interactive cooking experience by giving feedback and offering subtle guidance throughout the cooking process (e.g. integrated scale, ingredient analysis). The flexible structure underneath the malleable mat allows movements and changes in shape – therefore it can shape up different cooking moldings in order to replace pots. ENYO is a space-efficient solution to suit future living trends and it encourages users to explore fresh and healthy cooking – and can be a platform to support a paradigm shift in eating habits (e.g. preparing insects).

The Push: ENYO is a forward-looking and space-saving solution to meet future living trends and visually appeals to consumers through its clean and furniture-like aesthetics, opposed to complex kitchen solutions. On top of creating a pleasant and convenient cooking experience, which supports healthy cooking and shifts in eating habits, ENYO subtly educates users and features a timed self-cooking mode for busy days. The table can also be transformed into a work table with an interactive center surface.

Designer: Aaron Wansch

Wanna know more? Visit:  Electrolux Design Lab (ENYO)