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Overview: The peculiar Lampslamp is a true oddity in the world of lighting. Not just because of its ultra-flexible, even wobbly shade, but because of what’s actually inside the shade… burned out bulbs. Yes! It’s like a pink jellyfish ate your old light bulbs and now they’re permanently suspended in its belly! Strange, but definitely a statement, nonetheless!

Designers: Anna Strupinskaya & Alexey Ivashkevich

Karbon G6



Overview: There’s bodysurfing… and then there’s slyding. The G6’s sleek design gives hand-boarders the ultimate ride every water-sport enthusiast dreams about. The G6′s tight rails, deep concave and double swallow tail with wings allow for excellent grip and hydrodynamics. Carbon fiber’s high tensile strength to low weight ratio makes it the perfect material for the perfect slyde.

Designer: Slyde Handboards