EDITH Smartglasses – World’s Lightest Smartglasses

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Designer: EDITH Smartglasses

Categories: Gadgets | Audio | Technology | Product Design

Year: Present-2020

Overview: World’s slimmest and lightest Bluetooth audio glasses for everyday use. Using the most advance technology to create a highly ergonomic design that fits perfectly to any gender and any size. Weighing only 25 grams.

1. With these Smartglasses, you can play music, make hands free calls, listen to audio books or receive navigation directions while you’re driving a car.

2. EDITH Smartglasses are compatible with any Bluetooth enabled device, including iOS/Android devices.

3. These inventive unisex Smartglasses are designed to fit both men and women in size and style.

4. Anti blue-ray glasses prevent computer radiations from electronic devices and helps reduce eyestrain.

5. Three different colors to choose from. Color: Black, Grey and Red.

EDITH Smartglasses originally comes with Anit-Blue Light lenses which consist of 3 most advance layers to protect your eyes from harmful radiations generating from your electronic devices.

The lenses consists of DIAM COATING, ANTI-BLUE LIGHT COATING and EXT LAYER. Thanks to blue light filter coatings, the harmful portion of blue light is cut while allowing the good portion of blue light to pass through to give you a strain-free visual experience while providing the most complete protection.

These lenses has pass through strong impact testing, 35%+5% Blue light blocking efficiency. DIAM Coating makes the lenses anti-scratch while EXT Layer repels water and oil.

The frames of EDITH Smartglasses contains all the real magic that takes place in the glasses. Using the most efficient way to fit the pieces inside the frames in a manner that all the space is perfectly used. Making each millimetre count.

The frames consists of 7 highly compact devices:
1. The main board
2. The microphone
3. Switch
4. Charging mouth
5. Right high volume speaker
6. Left high volume speaker
7. The battery

All the devices are made with high quality long lasting materials. Each device is carefully placed inside the frames using proper SOP’s to avoid any chance of damage or fault. Both the speakers are placed in a part that is near to the ears so the user can listen to the songs in public in low volume that only they can hear.

EDITH Smartglasses are 40.5mm high, the front of the glasses are 149mm wide and the frames are 161mm long. While deciding the best shape and size for the glasses, modern statistics were used to make sure the users enjoy the minimal design that is not too bold and not too light, but just the perfect size and shape for everyday use.

Charging Type: USB
Battery Capacity: 90mAh
Using Time: 4hours
Charging Time: 1hour
Material: PA, TPE
Weight: 25grams

You can use your phone’s voice assistants like Siri and Google Assistant with EDITH Smartglasses and have things done on your voice commands. You can ask your voice assistants for directions to a place, finding a good restaurant nearby, setting up a reminder, searching a video on Youtube or calling a friend, possibilities are endless.

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