Warehouse Box – Power Strip Cable Box w/ Wireless Charger

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Designer: Warehouse Box

Categories: Gadgets | Technology | Product Design

Year: Present-2020

Overview: Warehouse Box is a multifunctional cable management box that not only neatly organizes and conceals the surge protector with long, messy cords from the sight and reach of the babies and pets, but also features a wireless charging pad in the middle rack to hold and charge your phone, plus a colorful nightlight that switches in response to a simple touch on the top rack.

It is crafted out of premium electrical insulated ABS material, inventive ventilation structure and curved design that add up to a safe, desirable addition to your home and office.

Warehouse Box is a perfect storage and cover designed to fit power strip and surge protector. It keeps them dust-free, your work/entertainment area tidy.

Note: Accommodate power strip with max. length of 10.6in(270mm).

Warehouse Box offers enough storage space for the cords, adapters small electronics etc., and three cable cut-outs on the back to keep tangled, messy cables at bay.

Warehouse Box features a unique double deck design which exploits limited space by providing more storage places for your phones, tablets and other mobile devices during charging.

What’s more amazing about Warehouse Box is that its middle rack is embedded with a wireless charging pad that can give your digital gadget a quick wireless power boost @10W.

Two energy efficient LED beads are evenly arranged underneath the top rack to diffuse soft, therapeutic ambient light. The light can be switched on, off and between different modes by a gentle touch on the top of Warehouse Box.

Warehouse Box’s Circular Turbo Ventilation design helps dissipate the heat and precludes overheating.

Warehouse Box further enhances the safety by using high quality ABS plastic that is fire-retardant, anti-scratch and durable.

The sleek, streamlined and minimal design of Warehouse Box makes it an aesthetic as well as practical storage solution on the nightstand, desktop, floor in both your home and office.

Superior to others, the lid of Warehouse Box opens from back, not top, so it prevents kids and pets from opening the lid and directly touching the dangerous electrical equipment.

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