Shepherd Lock – Keyless entry technology for your home

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Designer: Shepherd Lock

Categories: Home | Technology | Product Design

Year: Present-2020

Overview: Shepherd allows for convenient entry, guest access and Wi-Fi remote control… without changing your existing lock hardware.

Shepherd Lock is the only lock on the market that can convert your existing door hardware into a unique touch sensor. This means that you can now unlock your door with a simple touch, all thanks to automotive grade touch™ technology. Don’t worry — your existing door hardware will be maintained and AND your existing keys still work even with the Shepherd Lock installed.

The door will only unlock if you have a key-fob or smartphone key within the Intelligent Authentication Zone™. Plus, you don’t even have to take it out of your pocket or purse to unlock your door.

The Thumb-turn Free™  design allows you to lock or unlock your door from the inside with a simple touch.

There is also a mechanical back-up just in case. You can access the back-up by removing Shepherd’s magnetic cover.

Shepherd is the first and only smart lock that can detect and thwart lock-picking attempts and truly protect your home against burglaries.

Shepherd transforms your existing lock hardware into a sensor. The Artificial Intelligence technology identifies threats, notifies you, disables the deadbolt, and helps you keep the bad guys out of your home.

Intelligent Door Status™ gives you the ability to check whether your door is opened, closed, or anywhere in between from the app while you’re not at home.

Using the mobile app, you can manage access to your home by sharing temporary or permanent encrypted keys, schedule single or multiple access time windows, view access history, receive alerts and much more. You’ll know who has access to your home and when.

The electronic key-sharing feature allows you to give family and friends temporary or permanent encrypted keys. You can now give the nanny, maid, and others access to your home without handing out physical keys.

The Wi-Fi bridge enables you to control and monitor your lock remotely from anywhere around the world.

To connect your lock to the internet, simply plug the bridge into a wall outlet and pair it with the lock using the mobile app.

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