Nordgreen – Iconic Danish watch design for a better world

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Designer: Nordgreen

Categories: Watches | Product Design

Year: Present-2020

Overview: Redefining minimalist design, making it accessible & creating a better world through sustainability. By renowned designer J.Wagner.

The Nordgreen take on the Chronograph is a celebration of the Danish tradition of Science for Humanity, a concept established to create positive change for humankind and nature, thus celebrating the sustainable future that we dream of.

The clean space around the dial is a reflection of the environment that we want to live in, while the third hand stopwatch (Chrono second hand), which has a red tip inspired by windmills, is a reminder of the bond between Nordgreen and the sustainability of its motherland.

The watch comes in three dial colors – blue, black, and white – and three case colors – gun metal, silver and rose gold.

With every watch you are able to swap your straps out with a different one, allowing you to define how your express yourself and your outfits. Simply detach the straps on your watch, and you are ready to change to any style you are in the mood for.

The re-modeled Native comes with invisible minute marks, because in Copenhagen, they don’t count the minutes, they enjoy quality time. Company also brings you the Native Lille, a smaller 32 mm version for the female audience, in addition to the existing 36mm and 40mm watch faces. The new models will be available with white, blue and black dials, as well as a new gold and gunmetal case option, adding to the current silver and rose gold case colors.

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