Power Vessel – Ultimate All-in-one Gaming Keyboard

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Designer: FUNDIAN Team

Categories: Technology | Gadgets | Product Design

Year: Present-2020

Overview: Power Vessel Mini Gaming Keyboard is the ultimate portable wireless accessory. A gaming controller, handheld optimized keyboard, bluetooth music player and hub, computer mouse and universal remote – Power Vessel covers all your controller needs in one pocket-sized device!

No dongle needed – Power Vessel boasts true full bluetooth connectivity. Three easy-to-switch function modes lets you switch between optimized gaming controls, optimized mouse and keyboard controls, or music direction controls.

The Ultimate Multi-function wireless controller

World First wireless Hi-Fi audio + all-in-one remote controller

✅ All-in-One input device : Gamepad, Mouse and Keyboard
✅ 8 directional ALPS jog – 500,000 cycles of durable life
✅ BT audio : 24bit/192kHz aptX and ACC CSR Hi-Fidelity
✅ Apple TV, Fire TV, Mii Box and Shield TV compatible
✅ Hands-Free and Carmera Selfie function
✅ 2 step mouse speed control function
✅ Easy thumb-typing Backlight keypad
✅ Built-in battery

M1 mode works for Mac/Windows/Linux PC, Android/iOS Mobile and TV box supporting bluetooth mouse and keyboard. Sliding Jog works as mouse controller and X/Y/B/A buttons works as directional buttons. And L1/L buttons will be set as mouse L button, R1/R buttons will be set as mouse R button.
According to size and resolution of your monitor, you can select mouse speed by clicking “Fn+space bar“. This is definitely most advanced wireless mini input device.

M2 mode is best for iOS devices like iPhone, iPad and Apple TV. Naturally, it works for most Mac/Windows/Linux PC, Android/iOS Mobile and TV box supporting bluetooth keyboard.
Sliding Jog will be set as Directional buttons and X/Y/B/A buttons will be Home/Page Up/End/Page Down buttons. And L1/L buttons will be set as “Tab” button, R1/R buttons will be set as “Enter” button.

Especially for Apple TV, you can use music control buttons and QWERTY keys conveniently.

Separate Bluetooth CSR audio chip allows us to enjoy our own sound on playing game and watching movie. And more you can transform old speaker to latest bluetooth speaker. with built-in music controller.

Best of all, Power Vessel is compatible with a variety of devices – PCs, Macs, tablets, phones, and Smart TV Boxes. Play Fortnite on your phone, quickly answer emails on your tablet, browse around your PC, and connect easily with your streaming box!

Tired of search typing on your streaming app? Connect Power Vessel with your Smart TV Box and finally type in your search queries and app logins.

No more searching for letters or scrolling around. Easily find the videos and songs you’re looking for. Type all your messages, search queries, and log-in info quickly and easily with Power Vessel’s fully optimized QWERTY keyboard.

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