H2O Capsule – Water bottle that holds phone, cards & keys

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Designer: H2O Capsule

Categories: Outdoor | Gadgets | Product Design

Year: Present-2020

Overview: Meet The H2O Capsule. A half-gallon (64-oz) gym water bottle featuring a handle crafted from premium Eastman Tritan, the H2O Capsule can hold your phone, keys and cards inside its patent-pending 4mm-thick neoprene insulation Sleeve.

The drinking cap flips open, the lid screws off, and the whole thing is BPA-free, BPS-free, and FDA-approved. This is the gym bottle you have been waiting for. The H2O Capsule is a true top-shelf water bottle, second to nothing on the market!

Eastman Tritan is thermal resistant, withstanding temperatures as high as 250°F, nearly three times as high as the standard 86°F resistance in other water bottles. It holds the hottest liquids and is of course, a DISHWASHER SAFE water bottle. The 2.2” widemouth is perfect for ice cubes!

Most exciting of all, the H2O Capsule (patent pending) sleeve will store your belongings without getting them cold. Keys, cards, phone, earphone, jewelry, anything at all – stick it into the compartment and focus on your workout.  The removable neoprene sleeve protects the bottle, keeps your favorite drink cooler for longer and prevents condensation.

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