UMBRA — Automatic sundial-inspired watches

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Designer: Solar Lab Co.

Categories: Accessories & Fashion | Watches | Product Design

Year: Present-2020

Overview: Umbra uses single-hand and a rotating disc to tell the time. We offer automatic movement, sapphire-coated crystal and Horween straps.

“Umbra” means “shadow” in Latin and is a direct reference to the inspirational sources they drew upon. It connects the idea of shadow play on ancient sundials to contemporary technologies and an up-to-date wristwatch format.

The initial line-up for the Umbra series consists of three models — Silver, Black, and Rose Gold. They chose these color combinations as a nod to materials used in artisanal crafts and sculptures in Ancient times, including marble, granite, copper, and alabaster.

Alabaster and marble were source materials for making statues and sculptures during the most ancient of times. Copper is considered to be the first metal used in artisanal work and in creative endeavors of people from the distant past. The pitch blackness of granite stone was used to decorate and build with style and power, and this is also reflected in the Umbra color way range.

The renewed design refers to a layout of a common ancient sundial. The time disc is only partly visible, since sundials are “functional” only from dawn till dusk, and the design refers to this part of the day. Working on the watch, they studied a lot of images and notes of the well-know historical examples of sundials of the past and found new sources of inspiration for our watches, thanks to ancient designers from civilizations across the world 🙂

In the Umbra look you can find references to such sundials as created by Anaximander of Miletus, the sundial of the Valley of the Kings, designs suggested by Aristarchus of Samos and even the relic Chinese sundials from Han and Zhou dynasties’ epochs.

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