SQUARE WAVE – 5 Dimensional Mesmerizing Kinetic Spinner

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Designer: Kinetrika

Categories: Fun | Product Design

Year: Present-2020

Overview: Square wave is a unique piece of kinetic design inspired by the Fibonacci sequence, the basic structure that is the make up of every living thing. Just spin it to get surprised by a series of mind-bending optical illusions, and unexpected hypnotizing revolutions

Square wave is made up of 21 connected metal rods which curve and mutate unexpectedly with the introduction of energy. The repetition of identical elements is precisely calibratedto create complex fluid structures.

Designed in the UK and made in Italy, Square Wave combines iconic natural forms with mathematical formulae. Each bend and curl of the material is precisely calibrated to create a seamlessly integrated mechanism.

You can play with Square wave, use it as a stress-relief or surprise your guests with its instant WOW effect. Every reward comes with a dedicated Hanging kit (wire, anchor and dowel), so that you can even decide to hang one or more Square Waves and use them as unexpected interactive decorations.

Square Wave is available in 3 spectacular finishes: metallic silver, eclipse bronze, and lunar gold. Each one creates unique mesmerizing reflections and three diverse optical illusions.

Square Wave is manufactured in Italy in a factory with a 30 years history in metal machining. Each unit is assembled by hand and tested.

Square Wave is 9,8 x 9,8 in (25×25 cm) and it’s made of high quality chrome plated steel and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor usage (yes, you can hang it in your garden or patio).

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