Ayi – AI Powered Smart Mirror for your home

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Designer: Ayi Technology Inc.

Categories: Bathroom | Home | Technology | Product Design

Year: Present-2020

Overview: Meet your new personal assistant. The world’s most visually stunning AI-Powered Smart Mirror, for your home.

Ayi is 32 inches diagonally. Ayi is delivered with a flush wall mount, but you may also use your own installation methods. Ayi comes standard with US power plugs. You may have to use an adapter for other countries.

Ayi comes with manually adjustable brightness, but also auto-tones to your surrounding environment. You can use the camera for video calls, certain augmented reality apps, or any app that requires camera function. The footage is never processed, sent, or stored to company’s servers.

Ayi requires 50 watts of energy. Ayi’s charging cable can be built into your wall if you don’t like seeing it. Ayi’s operating system supports Alexa natively. We are currently looking into Siri and Google Assistant, but it is not guaranteed.

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