Nuudii System – Radical Innovation for Women’s Breast

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Designer: Nuudii

Categories: Accessories & Fashion | Clothing | Product Design

Year: Present-2020

Overview: With Nuudii your boobs aren’t confined, they are cradled. Your natural shape is embraced and our super lightweight technology is so comfortable, you can wear Nuudii to bed. Nuudii’s flexible straps adapt to clothing styles, the options are endless and so easy!

A totally new experience for your boobs. Weighs 1½ oz, fine, yet durable, hugs your unique shape with 360° stretch for supreme comfort and hardware free (pain-free!).

The only bra alternative isn’t only comforting, it has the flexibility to hold you through all your monthly phases (yup those hormones!).

Nuudii is not a bra, it’s an experience. Look braless with a gentle lift and if you’re lucky, a little side boob. It asks you to love your boobs as they are. Nuudii allows your girls to be themselves.

Visit This Concept At Nuudii

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