Touchtype Pro – Versatile iPad Keyboard Case

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Designer: Salman Sajid

Categories: Gadgets | Product Design

Year: Present-2020

Overview: Magnetically combines iPad + your Apple Magic Keyboard. Multi-angle, detachable, patented, auto-adjusting, protective, 2-in-1 design.

The Touchtype Pro is not for everyone. Here are a few reasons why you may want to consider something else:

Bluetooth: Since it relies on the Apple Magic Keyboard, that means it needs to be recharged separately. It also means that you’ll need to remember to turn it off when you’ve packed it away since key presses can wake up the iPad.

If this is important to you, then I’d recommend the Apple Smart Folio Keyboard as your best bet since it’s the only case that uses the Smart Connector.

Backlighting: Another limitation of the Apple Magic Keyboard is that the keys are not backlit. I like to work in the dark sometimes and  appreciate the subtle key illumination on my Macbook Pro.

There are a few solutions that turn your iPad into a laptop on the market, but I’d personally recommend the Brydge. Like Touchtype, Brydge also got its start on Kickstarter and their keyboard incorporates many features found in today’s laptops (i.e, backlighting, adjustable angles).

Weight: Predictably, the Apple Magic Keyboard and extra protection make Touchtype one of the heavier options when the keyboard is inside. Here’s a comparison using the 12.9 iPad Pro as an example:

Apple Smart Keyboard Folio 12.9: 0.9 lb

  • + iPad Pro 12.9”: 1.4 lb
  • + Apple Pencil: .05 lb


2.35 lb

Brydge 12.9”: 1.51 lb

  • + iPad Pro 12.9”: 1.4 lb
  • + Apple Pencil: .05 lb


2.96 lb

Touchtype Folio 12.9”: 1.2 lb

  • + iPad Pro 12.9”: 1.4 lb
  • + Apple Pencil: .05 lb

Touchtype Keyboard Case: .25 lb

  • + Apple Magic Keyboard: 0.51 lb


Folio/iPad/Pencil (2.65 lb) + Keyboard/Case (0.76 lb) = 3.41 lb

Without the keyboard, folio portion is lighter (2.65 lb) than the Brydge, but the extra material needed for protection and keyboard connectivity keep whole package three-tenths of a pound heavier than the Smart Keyboard Folio. So if weight is the primary concern — and you can only afford one iPad case — then I’d recommend you go for the Smart Keyboard Folio.

Touchtype Pro is the best keyboard for you if…

You’re already using, or would like to explore using, the Apple Magic Keyboard with your iPad.

You already know the Apple Magic Keyboard’s constraints with regards to Bluetooth, backlighting and weight but prefer what it gives you in return — a familiar, full-size, tactile,  typing experience.

If this sounds like you, then you’ll love Touchtype Pro.

Visit This Concept At Touchtype Pro

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