Canbi – The World’s Cleanest Garbage Can

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Designer: Canbi

Categories: Appliances | Green | Product Design

Year: Present-2020

Overview: Canbi is the world’s cleanest garbage can. It’s here to change the way we look at plastic and create a positive push towards more sustainable waste management. Canbi was designed to have a positive impact on our environment. It is the next evolutionary step for what a garbage can should be. From its innovative functional features, to its impressive use of renewable resources, Canbi just makes sense.

Let’s face it, today’s garbage cans…. are garbage! They have too many problems. They’re usually designed to be hidden, which makes them less accessible for everyday use. Garbage often piles up causing odors and attracting insects into your home. They’re also pretty ugly. As for the bags, they’re not much better. They never fit properly and constantly fall in on themselves. They leak, they tear, and they can’t handle any significant weight if they’re not doubled up. Worst of all, plastic bags are a detriment to our environment, polluting our oceans and filling landfills by the millions.

That’s where Canbi comes in. Canbi looks great and is meant to be shown off in your home. With its sleek design and customizable colour palette, it’s sure to compliment any room of your home. With this focus on visual appeal, you won’t want to hide Canbi under your kitchen sink where nobody can see it. You can proudly put it on display making it super accessible at all times.

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