The AVERAU – Swiss Made Automatic Watch designed in Italy

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Designer: echo/neutra

Categories: Watches | Product Design

Year: Present-2020

Overview: echo/neutra is a new Italian brand devoted to Mechanical Watches Enthusiasts and is born from the meeting of its 2 founders: Nicola Callegaro, Designer and Communication Consultant and Cristiano Quaglia, Aerospace Engineer with a specialization in Propulsion Systems.

Swiss Made Watch is a superior product made from high-quality components. Such a focus on quality makes Swiss Made Watches an excellent choice, whether you are a first-time buyer or a watch collector: they’re the most valued and respected watches in the market.

A Swiss Made Watch is not just a temporary accessory, a fashion fad or a trend: it can last for generations. From the movement to the case, the quality of materials distinguishes Swiss Made Watches from other brands.

The 316L surgical grade steel of the case is top resistant to corrosion and can be re-polished when scratched. The sapphire crystal has an incredibly high scratch resistance, in order to keep your watch clear for many years.
The movement of the AVERAU is hand-assembled. This, combined with the use of metal gears, ensures great quality internal mechanisms.

Visit This Concept At AVERAU

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