Remidi – Wearable Instrument to Record, Play & Perform

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Designer: Remidi T8 Wearable Instrument

Categories: Gadgets Technology Music

Year: Present-2020

Overview: The Remidi T8 is composed of a sensor-loaded glove and a MIDI wrist controller that allows you to use your hand as a musical device by combining sounds with your fingertips, palm and hand motions. The T8 has eight sensors embedded into the glove, three in the palm and one in each fingertip, which give you the ultimate range of motion and customized settings. You can individually program each sensor to create new sounds or remix existing ones. Add in gestures to make your sound or performance unique to you. Rotate your wrist to distort your audible output on any effect, or move it up and down to cause a reverberation. Personalize every feature to record your next big hit in the studio or on-the-go. Create note-sets, personalize your gesture control movements through Air Modulation, enable/disable sensors and set pressure sensitivity to control an infinite combination of notes and sounds.

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