Element Light – The world’s smartest and most modular light

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Designer: PhotonLab

Categories: Home | Lighting | Product Design

Year: Present-2020

Overview: Hover control, voice control, music reactive, motion reactive, modular display, and much more …

Multiple interactive modes:

  •  Paint your wall with your hand: When each panel detects your hand within its sensor range, it will start to shift its color through the entire RGB color wheel. When you decide which color you want each panel to display, simply remove your hand over that light panel and it will stay in that color.
  •  Turn on/off: Hover over the panel to turn it on/off to the color that you set on the app.
  •  Change themes: Hover over the panel to change it to the theme that you want.
  •  Adjust brightness: Change the distance between your hand and the light panel to change its brightness.

Visit This Concept At Element Light

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