airPump | Rechargeable + Vacuum

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Designer: Link & Patrick

Categories: Gadgets | Technology | Product Design

Year: Present-2020

Overview: This is a portable airPump that can be carried with you. If you find your tires leaking or if you have anything that requires inflating, just reach for the airPump in your pocket. The airPump pumps up your life! The airPump also works in reverse, draining air from storage bags and preservation boxes to prevent food from going bad.

  • The airPump has a small profile, weighing in at only 400 g, making it easy to stash away in your backpack or pocket. There are no regular air pumps on the market that can compare to the airPump in terms of size or weight.
  • Two devices for the price of one – the two-in-one airPump is capable of injecting and extracting air.
  • The airPump feels excellent to the touch. Its exquisite aluminum alloy surface is fine and smooth. The elegant appearance is a marked change from the clunky, industrial look of most traditional air pumps, and it comes with a custom, ergonomic design.

Visit This Concept At airPump

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