Onli Travel Venture Rolling Pack – Never check a bag again!

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Designer: Dave Logan

Categories: Bags| Outdoor | Product Design

Year: Present-2020

Overview: The Onli Venture Rolling Suitcase and Backpack connect together into a single integrated TSA checkpoint-friendly carry-on bag, that can be rolled or carried as a backpack – your choice! Never check a bag again.

The Venture Rolling Pack defeats airport and airline stress replacing it with convenience, productivity…and maybe even some fun! As airlines tightened requirements, as baggage fees rose, and as planes became more crowded, we came up with the technology and modular design to help people travel hassle free and easily adapt on the fly to whatever their journey throws at them. 

Modular Design makes ONE BAG TRAVEL a reality.

The modular, zip-on/zip-off and recombine design enables one-bag travel, provides flexibility, helps you avoid checking a bag, and results in the product actually being 3 bags in one. In addition the Venture Backpack can unzip into two smaller packs for smaller day trips, or for you and a companion. Or zip them to the Rolling Suitcase to create the Venture Rolling Pack. It’s about having the right bag the moment you need it.

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