Field Pen | Twist

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Designer: Adam Hogsett

Categories: Office | Product Design

Year: Present-2020

Overview: Fits Parker style refills, Machined body, Tactile Details, Smooth ‘lock in’ action, and an effortless Gel Writer from Itoya.

Quality Components

Ink:  After running through many different Parker size ink cartridges, we’ve settled on the Itoya Aquaroller as the best choice for this writing tool. The 0.7mm acid free gel ink flows onto your writing surface like no other. It’s very reliable, and starts flowing as soon as it hits the paper. No scribbling to get it going. Made in Japan.

Mechanism:  For motion control, we’ve gone with the Schmidt Easy Glide for super clean, satisfying twist motion engagement. Machined from stainless steel and thermoplastic, it has a ‘lock in’ feature. Once the cartridge is extended to its full length it will lock in place, preventing retraction until turned back in the other direction. Made in Germany

Clip:  Manufactured in New England from proper spring steel. This important part is chrome plated and DLC coated in models with black detail. Made in USA

Design Features

  • Fits Parker size refills
  • Tactile Grip Detail
  • Balanced Center of Mass 
  • Fully machined from solid stock
  • Anodized aluminum Twist Button
  • Black versions coated with DLC 
  • Solid in hand feel
  • No play tight tolerance tip
  • Recessed clip locator pocket

Visit This Concept At Field Pen | Twist

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