ROBOQI® 2.0 Alexa – The Ultimate IoT Car

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Designer: InvisibleTech

Categories: Audio| Cellphones | Gadgets | Product Design

Year: Present-2020

Overview: A cutting-edge smartphone mounting device, ROBOQI 2.0 features our US patented Hands-Free Snap-and-Go plus Alexa functionality so that whatever you need to do while you are driving, you can do so easily and safely. ROBOQI 2.0 isn’t just a car charger: it’s a car charger that makes your car smart. ou love your car, but you sense that it could be better in some way. There is somethingmissing, something that would make your setup just a little bit smarter. Using Amazon Alexa’s user-friendly, intuitive, voice-recognition system, you can take advantage of more than 50,000 skills, everything from music to calls to directions to texting to calendars to shopping and beyond. Anything Alexa does, ROBOQI 2.0 can do too.

Visit This Concept At ROBOQI 2.0


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