Hydrade — Smart Water Bottle for Optimal Personal Hydration

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Designer: Bazaarian

Categories: Appliances | Fitness | Technology | Product Design

Year: Present-2020

Overview: Powered by its built-in solar panel, Hydrade’s premium-quality, double-insulated bottle recommends your daily hydration levels, quantifies water intake with gentle ‘drink’reminders, and donates clean water to charity on your behalf with each sip you take.

Hydrade’s Tech Driven Features:

  •  Custom Recommendations — Optimal hydration requirements vary and are calculated using age, height, weight, gender, geography, weather, and activity.
  •  Behavioral Intake Sensors — Unlike cheap alternatives, Hydrade uses a sensor combo to precisely quantify intake by understanding consumption behaviors.
  •  Activity Tracker Compatible — Sync with smartphone, health apps, and/or activity wearables (Fitbit, Apple Watch, etc) for more accurate recommendations.
  •  Automatic Self-Charging — Solar cells continuously power up the bottle anytime there is illumination for 20 days of usage on a single charge.

Visit This Concept At Hydrade


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