Panta Rei – Light Cube

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Designer: Luis H. Vicencio, Fabrizio Guarrasi & Mattia Antonetti

Categories: LightingProduct Design

Year: Present-2020

Overview: The metaphor Panta rei (translated from greek: everything flows) refers to the thought of Heraclitus who writes that “everything moves and nothing stands still.” The artifact emphasizes the becoming of reality as a changing entity that renews and transforms. In this process of transformation, the light acts as actant narrative, produces plays and directs the action, highlighting the changing forms sensitive over time. Dynamic image of mutamaneto, the transition from one condition to another, is returned by the succession of bright moments that describe the interior space to the artifact, a layered volume of alternating solids and voids, enclosed in four walls of wood. Luminous experience Experience morphological, linguistics and aesthetics expressed, synthesizes the concept of change over time with the movement of light. This, filtering by the intervals between the levels internal to the cube, lights rhythmically the thicknesses of geometries that relate a square and a circle cut out on two opposite faces of the solid. From the perspective of cultural iconography and the circle represents perfection, the sky (as seen in its spiritual meaning), and all the dynamism and the square is identified with the material, with the man, the partiality and the static. The association of these two geometric figures as well, always at the center of artistic and philosophical reflections, recalls in the collective concept of change and transformation, formally marked by the alternation of full and empty, light and dark, sharp edges and curves , which change and vary the advance linear light. The light then put on display and accompanies the transformation that takes place inside the cube, a gradual transformation, marked by the movement of the viewer and governs her through the magnetic cube of wood. In the sensory light is then also involved feel: to make sure that the light comes on and moves resulting lighting effect, you must place the cube floating on the upper face of the artifact and slide it along the white line . The speed at which the luminous phenomenon occurs depends on who you interact with.

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