Graava – Moments Camera

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Designer: Clement Puertolas

Categories: CamerasGadgetsTechnology

Year: Present-2020

Overview: “Let Graava save your best Memomies.” Think of how your brain makes memories. You can recall certain moments with crystal clarity: when your child was born, your first road trip with friends, that epic burrito you had at Chipotle. And other moments—like your commute—are so mundane that you forget them instantly. Graava, a new wearable camera, wants to change the way we record our memories by highlighting only the best ones. While other competitor assures you that every memorable moment of your surf trip is caught on film, it also assures that you’ll have to wade through hours of floating in the water waiting for that perfect wave to come. Producing a minute of content takes an hour of work. Graava uses artificial intelligence and sensors to infer what you would remember only, and crafts a highlight reel from the footage. And great experiences are better with good music. Through the App, select your favorites tunes and let Graava sync your video clip to it. Graava can also use footages from two or more cameras and seamlessly and automatically combines them to show multiple point-of-views in the same final video clip. From an industrial design point of view, Graava is based on the form of something that feels good in your hands: a bar of soap. There is no seam slicing the body in half. Buttons and connectors are relegated to the top and bottom. Place Graava on its magnetic wireless charger stand and it automatically starts synchronizing your files to the cloud or to your computer. Graava comes with three different mounts that change the character of the camera based on how you want to use it: Strap it to your handlebars, clip it to your pocket, or use the adhesive bracket to stick it to any hard surface. One more thing… Even if you are not in action, Graava never goes into the drawer. Tap “home monitor mode” in the app and it becomes a home monitoring camera.

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