Pavilion – Wireless Speaker & D-Spiral Acoustic

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Designer: Hult Design

Categories: SpeakersTechnologyProduct Design

Year: Present-2020

Overview: Pavilion is a high-performance wireless speaker with an innovative modern design. Pavilion sets a new paradigm in a speaker design, delivering amazing performance and fascinating experience. Speaker base is made with a high-density concrete used in modern architectures. The base firmly holds the speaker in place preventing acoustic loss from any vibration. The elegant surface finish goes smoothly with the surrounding flow. The varnished oak top of the speaker is handcrafted with the finest oaks from North America. Subtle waves of the grain and the deep color translate to state of tranquility. Oak surface senses user’s touch for the speaker control. The touch is pleasing even during the short seconds of control.

Visit This Concept At Pavilion


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