Karry – Canvas Draw String Bag / Backpack

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Categories: BagsProduct Design

Year: Present-2020

Overview: Carry with your arm: Karry’s top leather stripe can be used as arm handle. Casual style.
Carry with your hand: Karry’s top leather stripe can be carried with one hand. The length is just fine.
Carry with Shoulder: Flat leather stripe. More comfortable than typical draw strings.
You can use Karry alone, or fold it and put it somewhere. It is light weighted and extremely compact.
Karry’s top handle stripe can be used as folding lock. Once locked, Karry will stay compact and stand by for your calling.
Two inner zip pockets: Karry got two zip pockets, so that u can put wallets, keys, flash drive, etc. in one pocket, whereas make-ups, sanitary stuffs in the other pocket.
Divider in the main pocket: Divider can be quite useful, especially when you get lot of stuff in your main pocket. Sometimes 2 secs can be the difference between cool and sloppy.
Back pocket for over-sized phone: Keep those jeans tight, and leave those gaint phones in the back pocket. It is completely invisible, and right against your back or hip. Convenient, safe, and comfortable.

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