Orilamp – Smart Origami Lamp

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Designer: Orilamp

Categories: LightingProduct Design

Year: Present-2020

Overview: Orilamp is a bluetooth-enabled, multi-purpose modern lamp that is designed to meet your everyday’s lighting needs. Orilamp can be easily reshaped into different forms and appearances to seamlessly fit into your everyday’s life. Orilamp is foldable and stretchable, and can be used for many purposes such as table lamp, accent light, night light, outdoor light, emergency light and etc. Use your creativity to use them in however way you want. With the Smart Orilamp App (iOS & Android), you also have full control of your lighting from your smart phone or tablet, making your light using experience a lot more exciting and fun. You can easily adjust brightness, check battery life, set timer and wake up light at your fingertip.

Visit This Concept At Orilamp


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