VINET – Innovative Vehicle Head-Up Display

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Designer: VINET

Categories:  TechnologyProduct Design

Year: Present-2020

Overview: VINET is an innovative vehicle head-up display (HUD) that wirelessly connects to both your vehicle’s onboard computer and your smartphone. VINET takes data from your vehicle’s computer and displays it on a transparent OLED screen placed on the top of your dash, illustrating vital driving information including; navigation, speed, mpg, engine RPM, time, etc. helping you keep your eyes on the road.

The companion VINET APP stores your driving data, giving you access to your vehicle’s information right at your fingertips. The VINET APP analyzes driving habits, making recommendations to help you be a more efficient and economical driver by navigating through shorter routes and suggesting other fuel saving tips based on our proprietary driving score system.

Visit This Concept At VINET


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