Ekster Wallets – Ultra-Slim Trackable Wallet

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Designer: Ekster Wallets

Categories: Accessories & FashionProduct Design

Year: Present-2020

Overview: The wallets allow you to access your 5 most important cards at the click of a button using a spring-loaded mechanism. The uniquely designed friction mechanism prevents your cards from falling out of your wallet.

The tracking app prevents you from ever losing your wallet, indicating the distance between you and your wallet. (rechargeable battery +/- 6 months)

When pressing the tracking button on your wallet, your phone will start ringing, even when on silent mode!

The RFID/NFC blocking smart wallets protect your cards from wireless skimming and private data theft.

The ultra thin handcrafted leather wallets ensure maximum convenience with minimum bulk.

Using the multi-purpose strap, you can store anything from cards to cash without adding significant bulk.

Visit This Concept At Ekster Wallets

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