THE LEVEL – Aerospace Titanium Sunglasses

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Designer: Commons Designs Group

Categories: Accessories & Fashion Product Design

Year: Present-2020

Overview: These sunglasses are made from the same materials used in Fighter Jets, Lamborghinis and many ultra-luxury watches. The level is extremely strong, but also deceptively light. The lenses weigh less than half of the weight of traditional glass lenses so they don’t slide down your nose when you lean forward. The frames of The Level are made of a flexible acetate with a memory that will mold back to the shape of your face. After a quick break in period, your glasses will conform perfectly to the shape of your head, making them a perfect fit, every time.

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One thought on “THE LEVEL – Aerospace Titanium Sunglasses”

  1. Estoy buscando unos lentes de la formula 1, de sawyer que son de fibra de carbono, por favor si es que tienen algunos en existencia, haganmelo saber, y si es que el envio puede realizarse a México, gracias!!!


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