Circle – Phone-charging Drink Coaster

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Designer: ChefCharger

Categories: Gadgets Product Design

Year: Present-2020

Overview: Convenient: No cumbersome and unsightly wires; Circle comes with a beautifully designed charging base which fits three coasters and restores them to full charge in just 2 hours.
Safe: Circle is waterproof, so you need not worry about spills or condensation.
Eco-friendly: The Circle coaster is made with bamboo; the charging base is made with acacia, pine, and cherry wood; and the charging cable is made from fabric. Less plastic means a healthier environment.
Stylish: Choose from one of many engraved or printed designs – or have your own design engraved. The face of your dog, your business logo, your name, or anything you can think of!
Elegant: Circle is small and a natural element in any home, making it easy to compliment your décor.
Portable: Heading out to the café? Grab your Circle charging coaster!

Visit This Concept At Circle


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