Tinker Tie – Programmable RGB LED Bow

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Designer: Atom Computer

Categories: Accessories & FashionGadgets Product Design

Year: Present-2020

Overview: The Tinker Tie works by controlling the amount of Red, Green and Blue (RGB) light emitted from each of the 28 LEDs mounted to its surface. A microcontroller (Pro Trinket) at the back of the tie can be programmed to send color changes and animations to the LEDs. The data is received by the first LED, then sent through to the rest of the LEDs in a zig-zag pattern. Because of a special chip built into each LED, you can control an entire array of lights from only one data pin! (It’s basically magic). An integrated rechargeable battery pack powers the Tinker Tie for hours on end!

Visit This Concept At Tinker Tie


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