Vincent – Chaise Lounge & Sofa

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Designer: Markus Kurkowski

Categories: Interior Seating Furniture

Year: Present-2020

Overview: Vincent is a designed piece of furniture which can be purchased and used as chaise longue and/or sofa. Applied shapes of straight and dynamic lines result in a classic and modern appearance. The constructions is very comfortable in its different ways to use and can easily be cleaned due to its open corners. Materials used are fabrics for upholstery, ash wood for frame and bent pipes of steel as connection elements. Customers decide if they want to buy a chaise lounge with one backrest – on the left or right side – and/or a sofa with two backrests. – The concept expresses the ease of design to create two beautiful pieces of furniture which complement each other. – Seating area is covered by the woodframe – the result is a slim appearance while taking advantage of soft cushions. – The symmetric backrest elements can easily be applied to the wooden frame with connectors in hidden positions.

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