Philips HTL7140B

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Designer: Andrea Ponti

Categories: Speakers Product Design

Year: Present-2020

Overview: Created for Philips in collaboration with Gibson Innovations Design Team, Philips HTL7140B is an ultra slim soundbar speaker entirely developed around the concepts of environment and user. Just like a good chair should be designed around the human body and to fit in with the environment where it will be placed, similarly a sound system should be designed around the user, the space in which it will be used, and implicitly the expression of its functionality. However, in the highly competitive market of consumer electronics, designs tend to focus primarily on cosmetic upgrades and purposefully eccentric aesthetics in order to appeal to the consumer. Philips HTL7140B is the result of in depth design research where environment, user, functionality and product are intertwined. The design language is purposefully rational and simplified, the lines are neat and pure. The arched form recalls more traditional speakers and communicates to the user a sense of openness and comfort. The top plate in brushed aluminum radiates quality and enhances the solid and sleek design of the soundbar both to the eye and to the touch. The touch control panel is conveniently centered, easy to see and reach and extremely user-friendly. At just 38mm high and 54mm deep, the Philips HTL7140B features a 5.1 channel sound, 3 midrange drivers and a tweeter on each side to give unparalleled sound quality and an amazingly immersive listening experience. Bluetooth and one-touch NFC technology ensure wi-fi connections.

The Philips HTL7140B stands out for its unique project approach, its modern design and the attention to materials.
The product won the 2015 Red Dot Design Award for the Gibson Innovation Design Team.

Visit This Concept At Philips HTL7140B


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