Hydra Coupe Schmidt Car

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Designer: Daniel Simon

Category: Automotive

Year: Present-2020

Overview: As Lead Vehicle Designer on the 2011 Marvel feature film ‘Captain America: The First Avenger’ Daniel Simon was asked to create an imposing yet classic car for Red Skull, the famed villain.

The car to be was explained in the film script as the fastest road car of its time. Not due to aerodynamics but incredible power – a supercharged, 16 cylinder engine.
This key sketch illustrates the long wheelbase, lifted chassis, twin rear wheels, modern integrated rear fenders, and sloped rear deck. Over the course of the further design development, more automotive elements from the 1940′s era were introduced – such as long sideboards, exposed exhaust pipes and straighter cross sections – to give the car a believable and classic 40′s look as opposed to the originally intended utility look.
Visit This Concept At Hydra Coupe Schmidt Car

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