X-lander X-treme

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Designer: Łukasz Maziarz

Categories: Outdoor Product Design 

Year: Present-2020

Overview: X-lander X-treme is a trolley race for active parents. Jogger revolutionary design makes the parent has greater freedom of movement while running, and the trolley when folded becomes extremely compact dimensions. The concept involves two-wheeled design, the third fulcrum is the man. The frame attaches itself to an adjustable belt that the user is assumed to each other, allowing you to release your hands while you run. Mobile connections enable rotation position relative to the carriage running around – it can both pull and push. The project has been equipped with an innovative folding system wheels that by pressing a single button change its position on the horizontal, and in addition they can move in the vertical plane, allowing the parent to safe taking out of the wheelchair. X-Treme has been designed for driving on arduous routes where the standard tricycles do not meet the quality challenges of the area. The truck is also equipped with reflectors for comfortable use in a variety of lighting conditions.

Visit This Concept At X-lander X-treme


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