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Designer: Constanza Fredericksen Neira

Categories: Kitchen Technology Product Design

Year: 2031-2040

Overview: BIOPRINTER has 3 main keys functionalities,the first is about food printing, the second is about the user interface and the third is about the transformation of organic waste into biofuel.
In relation with the first point,there are already some projects of food 3D printers that are going to enter in the market,like “foodini”.In this way, BIOPRINTER is going to be based on these,having some similar things.
With regard to the user interface,it is going to be based on some interfaces that children use in an intuitive manner.
And for the third point, BIOPRINTER is going to be based on a process called “Liquefaction” that is the transformation of waste into biofuel.The basic steps that the printer is going to do are placing the ingredients in the capsules,then these ingredients go through a separation phase,where the organic waste goes to the base.There,it is heated with the conductive cooker that BIOPRINTER has inside the base,and this organic waste is finally transformed into BIOFUEL.

Visit This Concept At BIOPRINTER


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