Exclusive Interview With Axel Schindlbeck

Axel Schindlbeck is an experienced and innovative product designer from Paris, France and a  Co-Founder of Albert Digital Clock.


What was the inspiration behind Albert?
I’ve spent countless hours in school, waiting for time to pass – Albert was an idea to compensate these moments, turning boredom into creativity… and mathematics!

How many hours a week do you spend on work? Has the startup impacted your family, social life, or relationships?
We work in a very regular way from monday to friday, in general. But we work sometimes on sundays, or public holidays, or birthdays … 🙂 It has an impact on your social life doing a startup, but our family and friends understand and support us.

What are the key company milestones for the next 6-12 months that need to be achieved?
First of all, we need to deliver to our backers from over 35 countries. They made this project possible. Then we will see what comes next. Of course we would like to bring Albert to primary schools all over the world, but we also want to concentrate on new projects in design related fields.

What is your plan to adapt if your industry is completely disrupted?
I think that Designers are capable of adapting to any kind of situation. I have friends that studied Design and who are nowadays photographers, musicians or doing humanitarian work in developing countries, far from the world of nice and shiny products.

What keeps you up at night/what are you paranoid about?
I can’t sleep when I try to resolve a mathematical equation. Therefore, I just sleep.

How many hours of sleep do you get?
7-8 hours.

How do you manage the duality between driving new business and overseeing daily operations?
We are always multitasking and working in multiple directions, but in the creative part. Fred is a project consultant for major companies in the luxury sector, I am working on several new projects and giving lectures in a design school in Marseille. We commission business and software professionals to oversee our business activities.

How far are you willing to go to see your idea become a success?We already see that this Idea can become a success. But now we have to see how far the idea of creating a manufacturing enterprise can be compatible or incompatible with our main activity – generating smart ideas.

What are the future implications of the product you have developed?
We already develop a smaller version that is less costly. We are doing a special version for a TV show, but that is still top secret !

Summarize the problem that you are trying to solve without mentioning your product.
We want to establish a link between technology and man, in a playful, unexpected and intelligent way.

If you only had 1 year to live, would you build this company?
If I had 1 year to live, I would first deliver to our supporters, and then organize a big party together with all of them!

Do you have any advice for the young minds out there pursuing their dreams?
You need just a few good ideas – but a lot of patience.

Visit Original Concept At Albert Digital Clock


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