stripes. twisted

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Designer: Ksymena Borczynska & Selsela Khorasani

Category: Seating | Product DesignSketches

Year: Present-2020



Overview: The design is based on a multi-purpose structural system, which has been developed for optimal use of wooden layed-up stripes.

In this system single modules build the geometry of one stripe, which can be further connected with another ones into a self-supporting structure. In the final structure, each module is made out of 19 layers of wood veneer stripes, with grain direction alternating from layer to layer. Grain direction in the two outer layers follows the geometry. For connections in and between stripes tongue and groove joints are used. There are three main types of modules: planar, bent and twisted. Length of the modules can be varied, it should be noted thought that the relation between length, width and thickness is not proportional. It is particularly noticeable in the case of bent and twisted parts. A twist of 90 degrees is possible in a module at least 60 cm long and maximally 7 cm wide. CONCEPT The idea was to create a self-supporting structure, a table with seats, that would create a semi-private and at the same time open space. Every stripe consists of 23 parts, each of them made out of 19 layers. In order to optimize the production process, some parts were repeated. As a result, 11 different planar, bent and twisted parts were used for creating a single stripe. With the help of digital tools (Grasshopper, Karamba) the overall geometry was analysed and the width and thickness were optimized. The aim was to create a possibly lightest and simoultanesly stable structure. In order to carry 160 kg on the weaker side, stripes need to have the width of 7 cm and the thickness of 2,5 cm.

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