Magic Wand

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Designer: Lakatos Botond

Categories: Health Technology | Product Design 

Year: Present-2020

Overview: The idea is focusing on the problem of kids garment getting a little stain accidentally. Children are not able to use the washing machine, which uses a lot of water, energy and harmful chemicals, only for one little spot on the garment. Magic Wand uses a titanium dioxide nanocrystal technology that is harmless to the human body. Tio2 reacts with ultra violet light and „oxidizes” the stains from clothes, while killing bacteria and dangerous pathogens in the air. As a development of the product, kids can use Magic Wand to decorate their clothes and garments. An organic based paint can be loaded into one end of the wand, with which kids can draw what they want on their T shirt. With the other end of the wand, which is filled with Tio2, drawings are easily removable. The wand also has a lightsource, which emits ultra violet light to speed up the reaction between the paint –or the stain– and the Tio2 solution. It also gives the impression to kids that they’re “doing magic” when removing stains.

Visit This Concept At Magic Wand


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