VapCap & PyroVap

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Designer: Dynavap

Categories: Recreation Product DesignTechnology

Year: Present-2020

Overview: The VapCap and PyroVap are constructed from high quality materials and are built for the long haul.  There are no electronics, batteries, fancy lights or LEDs, dials, switches or any other failure prone components.  With proper use, the VapCap and PyroVap should last for a very long time.

A deceptively simple, yet high performance device capable of vaporizing almost anything without using any electronic components.  A great device for use in the woods, the jungle, or on the couch. Most of all, it will continue work after the zombie apocalypse.

At only 3 and a half inches long, and 1/4 ounce or 7-9  grams, the VapCap and PyroVap will be the smallest, simplest and most efficient vaporizers on the market.

Visit This Concept At VapCap & PyroVap


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