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Designer: Adéla Přibáňová

Categories: Kitchen Interior Product Design | Sketches

Year: 2021-2030

Overview: Thanks to Trimodis the preparation of the meal can be much more easier and more fun. Imagine that you want to bake a cake. Instead of taking out the scale from the cupboard and the all packets of all the ingradients, you only take a bowl and go to the device. On a display, you choose how much of, for example, flour, sugar and cocoa you want and in few seconds you have the mixture in the bowl without any work. In the meantime you can prepare the baking sheet and preheat the oven. This clever device can also remember the ingradients combinations, so next time you only choose the name of the food and your mixture is immediately there.

Besides the storing and meassuring-off, the Trimodis has also a decorative function. It is an interesting centerpiece of the kitchen. The transculent lids of the containers tint if the ingradiets wane. Thanks to this Trimodis looks never the same and its look never wearys. Moreover we can change the colours of the lids and dispaly according to our mood or the colour of the interior, which is Trimodis situated in.

If you want to clean the containers, the only thing you have to do is to push the lid. The container ejects and we can manipulate with it further.

Visit This Concept At Trimodis


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