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Designer: Veronika Hlaďová

Categories: Product DesignTechnology

Year: 2031-2040


Overview: IronHeart is product that help us to take care of our clothes in everyday hustle and bustle. The idea came from effort to solve three problems, that are lack of drinking water, air pollution and many diseases in crowded cities.
IronHeart dry wet clothes and evaporated water is captured inside the product and can be use again for ironing clothes. For ironing are used microwave waves, which dry and iron clothes in gentle way.
After one day of wearing, our clothes are usually full of bacteria and pollution, so we ideally need to wash them. IronHeart use UV radiation for destroying any bacteries or mold and unpleasant odors. And back to the space flows clean, fresh air. User can aplly scents to refresh worn clothes. Thanks to combination of steam and UV radiation, IronHeart get rid of any pollution in clothes.The whole IronHeart is made form fabric, so it is simple for storage and space saving in user closet.Because IronHeart is made from farbic, it could easily copy any shape of clothes.

Visit This Concept At IronHeart


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