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Designer: Flavio & Benedetto

Categories: Cellphones Technology Product Design

Year: Present-2020 

Overview: The innovative material has the suction effect on flat and glassy surfaces, but isn’t sticky at all to hands or pockets, and doesn’t attract dust. The resin reproduces the effect of thousands of mini-suction cups that grip on tight to all non-porous surfaces.

The cover is made of 2 parts:

– A 3M® adhesive that has been developed for being repositionable, meaning you can place it on the phone and remove it many times, without leaving any sort of residue on your beloved phone

– A lateral bumper that protects the edges of your phone.

The design-extremists that don’t want to alter the original (and wonderful) design of their smartphone, can choose to only place the back cover, without the bumper. They will therefore get all the grip, but a bit less of protection.

Visit This Concept At ExtraVerso


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