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Designer: Sook Yin Fong

Categories: AppsCellphonesGadgetsProduct DesignTechnology

Year: 2031-2040

Overview: Scentses’s app is a sensorial & social food log. Being able to record smell, sights & sounds of food, users will be more inclined to log their meals. By tracking their food intake in ‘public’, users become more accountable & learn moderation.

Scentses uses non-traditional methods to promote traditional cooking: simply cooking fresh food to nourish you & your family at home. Why promote traditional cooking in this era of 3D-printed & instant food? Because the more you process food, the less nutritious it becomes. After seeing, hearing & smelling food sizzling as it cooks, users will be inclined to cook at home, to experience all 5 senses (+touch & taste).Users can then upload their own food cooking adventures & recipes which may inspire another person, creating a domino effect. Thus, cooking- a once daunting task, turns enjoyable & interactive.

Peer pressure can sometimes be positive. Updates from your friends can inspire you to experiment more when cooking & expose you to various cuisines all around the world.

Parents can also use Scentses to expose their children, especially picky eaters to new foods. After seeing & smelling it through the app, they will be curious to taste it.

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